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- Representative can make return of un-used products up to 30 days from the Invoice date
Returns are accepted at 2 places:
         1. Returns can be shipped directly to the PPS - Representative on their own expense / courier can              directly ship the returns to the PPS address (which will be mentioned on top of the Invoice) in that               case Rupees 25 (fixed amount) will be credited to Representative’s account
         2.  Returns are also accepted at SDP & ABZ (in this case Rupees 25 will NOT be reimbursed)

- The maximum product quantity allowed is the quantity invoiced
- For every return of products, our Representative has to fill the Return form will be available at the    SDP/ABZ along with the original Invoice copy
Returns are getting processed in the system at PPS
- Credit notes were generated but no cash is given and amount of credit will get adjusted in her next    order.
- Credit Note will be sent to the Representative house

- No Returns is to be accepted/processed without the original Invoice and Return Form
- If orders are not picked up after 7 days from the SDP / ABZ then Representative account will be debited by 100 rupees